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Why our customers love us

This is a fantastic store that I would recommend to anyone! They have already earned a permanent spot in my heart.

Why our customers love us

Dewayne Johnson
I got my product in 4 days not 4 weeks. Great to have products stocked in the USA! I would recommend them to anyone!

Transforming the Global Shopping Experience


In the dynamic landscape of global commerce, consumers have faced numerous challenges when purchasing products from other countries. One prominent issue that surfaced was the extended delivery times, often approaching six weeks, leading to a significant deterrent for potential buyers. Addressing this concern head-on, Luxe Vista Artisan Interiors emerged as a transformative solution, revolutionizing the shopping experience for customers in the United States and beyond.

California-Centric Inventory and Swift Domestic Delivery:

Understanding the frustration of lengthy wait times, Luxe Vista Artisan Interiors strategically tackled the problem by establishing a dedicated inventory in California. This move allowed the company to provide an unprecedented four-day delivery window for customers within the United States. This marked a significant departure from the conventional prolonged waiting periods, making it easier for customers to access the products they desired without compromising on time.

From USA Focus to Global Reach:

Originally concentrating on serving customers within the USA, Luxe Vista Artisan Interiors quickly adapted to the evolving demands of its clientele. Despite initial reservations about international shipping, the company responded to customer requests and forged agreements with trusted partners, extending its services to over 200 countries. This expansion marked a pivotal moment in Luxe Vista’s journey, opening up a world of possibilities for customers globally.

Dual Inventory System:

To maintain the efficiency of domestic deliveries, Luxe Vista Artisan Interiors made the strategic decision to keep its USA inventory separate. This ensures that customers within the United States continue to enjoy the swift four-day delivery promise. Simultaneously, the company introduced a new worldwide inventory that caters to both its domestic and international customer base. This diversification of inventory enables Luxe Vista to offer a broader range of higher-quality products.

Enhanced Product Quality and Variety:

Luxe Vista’s commitment to excellence is exemplified through its new and exciting inventory, featuring high-quality products curated exclusively for its diverse customer base. The company’s dedication to providing unique items that are not readily available in local stores is reflected in its various collections. From home essentials to kitchen supplies, beauty products, and tools for household repairs, Luxe Vista Artisan Interiors offers a comprehensive selection to enhance every aspect of your home and life.

Free Shipping Worldwide:

In a move that further solidifies Luxe Vista’s customer-centric approach, the company proudly announces that all its products will now be shipped free of charge. This applies to both the USA inventory, with its swift four-day delivery, and the international inventory, which boasts a reasonable delivery timeframe of 5 to 20 days.

Maintaining Excellence and Innovation:

Despite the significant changes and global expansion, Luxe Vista Artisan Interiors remains dedicated to maintaining its remarkable customer satisfaction rating of 4.9. This unwavering commitment to excellence has positioned the company as a leader in the industry, attracting a busy and satisfied customer base.

Rebranding for a New Era:

In tandem with its transformative initiatives, Luxe Vista Artisan Interiors bids farewell to its former identity, “Gracie’s Homeplace,” and embraces a new, innovative name – “Luxe Vista Artisan Interiors.” This rebranding aligns more closely with the company’s evolving mission, emphasizing the artisanal and luxurious qualities of its products.  You will see this transition occurring over the first several weeks of 2024.


As Luxe Vista Artisan Interiors embarks on this exciting new chapter, CEO Darrell Richardson expresses enthusiasm for the company’s future. The commitment to swift domestic delivery, a global inventory, enhanced product quality, and free worldwide shipping positions Luxe Vista as a pioneer in the industry. With a secure online ordering system, the company invites customers to explore its diverse collections and experience a shopping journey that transcends borders. As Luxe Vista Artisan Interiors ships its next order, it looks forward to continuing its legacy of excellence and innovation in the world of artisan interiors.





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